17 February 2019 ***Updated***

It has been a very emotional weekend for the team. For many of us, this VA has held a special place in our hearts for several years.

The team and I have read every single comment you have made about this situation. The stories you’ve shared about how this VA has positively impacted your life over the years have truly touched us. You’ve made us realize we are more than just a VA, we are a source of inspiration and a hub for innovation and passion. Most importantly, you’ve made us realize we are a flame that can can never be allowed to burn out. We must fight to keep what we love and not allow trolls to infringe upon it.

We held an emergency meeting this afternoon and we’ve realized that closing AAvirtual is no longer an option. We have to move forward. We have touched too many people to allow this to come to an end.

We have decided to resume operations after performing much needed security upgrades to significantly reduce the possibility of this happening again. This will require the operation to remain suspended for the next several days while we complete these upgrades.

We will also resume our plans for releasing a new site and ACARS. This will take time and we’re expecting a late spring/early summer go-live.

You, our members have touched us in ways we can’t describe and have restored the drive to continue the VA so many people call home. We look forward to moving past this bump in the road and are excited for what’s to come.

- Ada