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Entrance Exam
1). What is the Maximum approved landing rate?
A. -850 fpm
B. -600 fpm
C. -800 fpm
D. -650 fpm

2). If the pitot tube and outside static vents become clogged, which instruments would be affected?
A. The altimeter, airspeed indicator, and turn-and-slip-indicator.
B. The altimeter,airspeed indicator, and vertical speed indicator.
C. The altimeter, attitude indicator, and Heading indicator
D. The altimeter, attitude indicator, and Turn coordinator

3). What is the maximum speed under 10,000 ft?
A. 300
B. 280
C. 250
D. 200

4). KATL 240552Z 22016G21KT 10SM BKN025 BKN034 BKN250 21/16 A2966 RMK AO2 PK WND 21028/0517 SLP036 T02060156 10222 20206 50003. In the METAR above, what is the reported visibility and day of the month that the METAR was taken?
A. 80 statute miles visibility and 24th day of the month
B. 15 nautical miles visibility and the 29th day of the month
C. 1 mile visibility and the 20th day of the month
D. 10 statute miles and the 24th day of the month

5). What must you place in your remarks when flying on VATSIM or IVAO?
A. Pilot
B. Controller
C. VA Ops
D. AAvirtual.net

6). What is considered a Navigation aid?
A. VOR,NDB, Waypoints
B. Airport Identifier
C. Control tower

7). When landing which do you use to slow the plane?
A. Parking Brakes
B. Reverse Thrust
C. Flaps
D. Rudders

8). When taxing, you should not exceed what speed?
A. 20 kts
B. 25 kts
C. 15 kph
D. 10 km/h

9). After take off the tower controller tells you: AAL1589 Contact Regional Departure on 126.475. You are able to proceed with his requests what should you reply?
A. Regional Departure on 126.475 AAL1589
B. Hey tower... was that for us?
C. 10-4 OK we will switch frequencies to Regional
D. Tell us the frequency again AAL1589

10). American Airlines flies all but one of these planes
A. Boeing 737-800
B. Boeing 777-200
C. Airbus A340-600
D. MD-82

11). What is the UNICOM / CTAF on VATSIM?
A. 122.95
B. 122.8
C. 133.98
D. 118.75

12). What is the standard altimeter setting in the United States above FL180?
A. 29.92
B. 29.93
C. 29.94
D. 29.95

13). Which of the following is NOT needed during a takeoff roll?
A. Engines set to V1 speed.
B. Flaps Set.
C. Landing Lights turned on.
D. Autopilot NAV / LNAV / VNAV button engaged.

14). AAvirtual supports which online flying servers?
B. Steam
C. Gamespy
D. FShost

15). Where are American Airlines headquarters located?
A. Chicago
B. Los Angeles
C. Dallas/Fort Worth
D. Miami

16). You are told the winds at your destination are at 250/15knots. You have 4 runways to land on, which will you more than likely get vectors to?
A. Runway 15L
B. Runway 9R
C. Runway 27L
D. Runway 33R

17). What is the transition level in the USA?
A. FL190
B. FL200
C. FL180
D. FL160

18). How many pireps must you file per 30 days (Calendar Month)?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

19). Which of the following constitutes as a IFR clearance?
A. AAL679 cleared to Daytona Beach airport call for taxi
B. AAL679 cleared to airport as filed departure is 125.65 call ground for taxi
C. AAL679 cleared to Daytona Beach airport via the PNUTT6 departure Macon transition then as filed maintain 5000 expect FL280 10 minutes after departure, departure frequency 125.65 squawk 2026
D. none of the above.


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