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American Airlines Virtual Policies and Procedures

As of July 19, 2011

Policies and Procedures will be coming soon to this page.  It will be required for all pilots to read this page.  You will need to check this page periodically as changes will be posted here.  Notices of changes will be posted to the Airlines Forum NOTAMS section.


1.0.0  Monthly Flying Requirement.

1.1.0  All American Airline Virtual pilots are required to file two (2) PIREPs per month.

1.1.1  If a pilot does not file two (2) PIREPS, that pilot will be put on probation for 14 days after which if they have not flown, they will be removed            from the roster unless they file for a Leave of Absense (LOA).

2.0.0  Accepted PIREPS

2.1.0  PIREPS will only be accepted if one or more of the following conditions have been met.

2.1.1 Landing rates MUST be lower than -850 feet per minute (fpm).

2.1.2 NO slewing.

2.1.3 NO Mid-air refueling

2.1.4 NO Stalls

2.1.5 NO excessive Overspeeds

3.0.0  Forum Participation

3.1.0  All Pilots of American Airlines Virtual and American Eagle are required to register with our online Forum.

3.1.1  Registration names MUST be firstname lastname - Pilot ID (all other named accounts will be deleted as SPAM)

3.1.2  Though you will not be required to post on the forum, we do encourage you to be involved and go there often to receive NOTAMS.


4.0.0  Pilot LOA and Inactive Policy

4.1.0  To request an LOA all pilots must contact the AAvirtual support email at support[at]aavirtual.net to receive an LOA

4.1.1  The maximum allowed number of days for an LOA is 100 days. Anything above that will result in roster removal.

4.2.0   Inactive Pilots will have the opportunity to regain full active status by flying one flight within 14 days of the preemptive removal email.

4.2.1  Pilots that have been removed from the roster will not be able to reapply for a 45 day grace period inorder for us to maintain an active roster.

4.2.2  Pilots removed due to the conduct policy will not be eligible for rehire unless otherwise stated.

5.0.0  Pilot Registration Policy

5.1.0  Any pilot is free to register at AAvirtual.net

5.1.1  Pilots with another American Airlines Virtual will be removed from the roster.

4.2.1  Pilots registering will be given 1 calendar month to resign from another American Airlines Virtual.

4.3.1  Pilots are free to join any VA besides AAvirtual as long as it does not coincide with other policies.

AAvirtual.net Online Flying Policy

Section 1 - Proper Equipment

All AAvirtual aircraft are required to have an FMC onboard when flying on the online servers. A FMC will enable routes to be flown properly, and approach and departure SIDS and STARS to be flown with proper altitudes and waypoints. If your aircraft does not come with a FMC or FMS, you may download such program at http://vas-project.org/vasfmc-flight-management-computer/. For routes to be entered in an express fashion visit http://www.simroutes.com/fb2/ParseRoute.aspx.

Section 2 - Flight Plan

AAvirtual requests that all pilots find routes from FlightAware(R). http://flightaware.com/statistics/ifr-route/. Enter in your departure airport, and arrival airport to find a full routing for the flight you are taking. Copy and paste that route in to your VATSIM or IvAO flightplan, and enter the departure and arrival airports. AAvirtual also asks that in your VATSIM remarks you put in "AAvirtual.net/FMC equipped/ JFK Crew."  This will allow us to identify fellow pilots on the network. Please change "JFK Crew" to your hub that you have picked upon registration and currently are at.

Section 3 - Callsign

Your VATSIM callsign can be any American Airlines callsign as you wish. It does not have to be your flight number or pilot ID number. We just request that you fly with an AAL callsign or EGF if your operating EGF aircraft.


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