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Executive Staff Team

Upper Level Staff - These people have voting power.
Staff Image Position Description Contact E-mail
EJ Davis
Chief Executive Officer
EJ is the co-owner of American Airlines Virtual and the spokesman for the airline. He has over a decade of experience in flight simulation, and is responsible for General Staff Management and external airline relationships. Member of Executive Staff
Brad Smith-Lynch
Chief of Operations
Chief of Operations at AA Virtual, Brad is responsible for the continued operation of AAVirtual.net, and the management of personnel within.

Brad is currently studying Engineering at college with the intentions of gaining employment in aerospace engineering.
Lenworth Trail
Vice President of Human Resources
The Vice President of Human Resources for aavirtual.net.

Efren Fonseca
Vice President of Events
Efren is currently an active student pilot at the St. Mary's Municipal Airport "KOYM." Efren plans to become a Commercial Pilots or get into the Airline corporate industry after his college education. He is very active with his email and on TeamSpeak. If you have a question with ANYTHING, please feel free to email him anytime. Training Department coming very soon! Get excited.
Jack McPeek
Vice President of Fleet and Routing
Jack has been involved with Aviation since 1995 either as a Pilot with over 1000 hours or working the ramps. Although he is originally from New Jersey, Jack currently lives in Berlin, Germany with his wife. Jack currently works at Tegel Airport as a Ramp Agent in Operations.
Justine Romaine
Vice President of Training
Bio coming soon!
Daniel Faas
Vice President of Marketing
My name is Daniel Faas and I have been with AAvirtual since 2012 where I began as a pilot before rising to JFK Hub Manager, Philly Hub Manager and eventually to VP of Marketing. I have been in love with flight simming since my first copy of FS2002 when I was in middle school and have been hooked since. When Iím not flying I am likely spending time outdoors or traveling. If there is anything I can do to help any of you please let me know!
Amer Al-Lawand
Human Resources Manager
Bio coming soon!

General Level Staff

Directors and non-local staff.
Staff Image Position Description Contact E-mail
James Butler
East Regional Director
Hello, my name is James Butler, I am from Fort Lauderdale FL. by way of the Bahamas. I love flying with FSX, P3D and even X-Plane. I have a lot of experience of managing a VA. I was the HR Manager for Alaska Virtual and recently was the Hub Manager for Miami (KMIA). After all my hard work helping out AA and handling Alaska, I was asked to take over the East Regional Director duties. I look forward to working with all the Admin staff, East Hub Managers and of course our pilots. As always, feel free to contact me for anything. My door is always open. Clear Skies and Soft Landings..
Leale Jackson
West Regional Director
Bio coming soon!
Fritzgerald Boezem Jr.
Event Relations
Bio coming soon!
Graphics Designer
Bio coming soon!

Domicile Team

Local pilot management officials.
Staff Image Position Description Contact E-mail
Davon Grant
Charlotte Hub Manager
Bio coming soon!
Thomas Perko
John F. Kennedy Hub Manager
Hello and welcome to JFK, I am glad that you are apart of American Airlines Virtual. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about JFK, send me an email!
Adam Skaffloth
Miami Hub Manager
Bio coming soon!
Gary Monsson
Chicago Hub Manager
Bio coming soon!
Bradley Litchfield
Dallas Fort Worth Hub Manager
I currently work for American Airlines in Nashville (KBNA). I work in operations, which is our central communications hub. My goal is to work my way up through the ranks of management. I'm also working on my private license. If there is anything I can help you with please dont hesitate to ask!
Bradley Burgess
Los Angeles Hub Manager
Hello, I am Bradley, and I am a student pilot at my local airport. I am the LAX hub manager. I have over 1300 hours on VATSIM, and I am also a C1 rated controller at the vZHU ARTCC. I love sharing my knowledge and helping others learn about this hobby that we all share. Happy landings, and see you in the skies!
Nate Kotila
Philadelphia Hub Manager
Hi my name is Nate Kotila, I Have cerebral palsy (CP) it doesn't let me talk very well to a point that you can't understand me, and I can't walk. But it doesn't stop me from what I love, FLYING!!! Here at KPHL we want the best for this airline, and make this the best Airline in the virtual skies on VATSIM! If you need any help or just want to talk, email me. I respond in 24 hours or less. HAPPY LANDINGS!!!
Josh Lusher
Phoenix Hub Manager
Hi my name is Josh Lusher and have been in flight simulator since 1998. I wanted to be a hub manager at PHX as the scenery is awesome and want it to be the best hub in American Airlines Virtual with a few events and ideas lined up for 2016. I look forward to seeing you fly the virtual skies and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email!

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